Help us create a  connected community of energy saving homes throughout the San Juan Islands


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It’s a fun way to educate friends and neighbors on the importance of energy reduction. Become a green home leader for your community.


The San Juan Islands Conservation District would like to make your home a star!

If you’re planning on efficiency upgrades and would like to share the experience, let us know! We’d like to make a mini-documentary on your experiences to share with fellow islanders. You will be reimbursed for the expense of the Community Energy Challenge inspection ($195) or the OPALCO Snapshot assessment ($25) at the conclusion of the video documented process.


To get started

Get on the map!

Fill out the Green Home Network sign up form here. Your home will be added to the Green Map to show you’re making the effort to save.


Schedule an energy audit.

Find the best savings opportunities and understand your home’s energy footprint.

  • For homes built before 1990 or so, we recommend the Community Energy Challenge program. This non-profit energy group will conduct a thorough top-to-bottom energy assessment of your home, including pressure testing and thermal camera inspection, utility incentive matching and project management to dramatically reduce the cost and hassle of home energy upgrades.

  • If your was built after 1990, building codes greatly improved and your best bet for finding low-hanging energy fruit is OPALCO’s Snapshot Assessment. A trained home energy inspector will look for easy energy savings and recommend the best options for upgrades. You’ll also get 12 FREE LED’s and low-flow showerheads installed!

Click the Community Energy Challenge Picture above to check out another excellent resource!


Take a tour of energy saving homes! San Juan Islands Conservation District will be hosting the Green Home Tour this fall. To reserve a space, or put your home on the tour, call 360-378-6621.

If you your home is already a energy-saving clean, green machine, please let us know if you’d like your home to be included in the Green Home Tour!


Check out our forums! Share your tips and tricks, or ask for advice on your own energy projects. You can also visit to find more energy saving strategies and incentive programs just right for your home.


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