123 Mytilus Road Mini-Eco

A Part of it's environment


123 Mytilus Road Mini-Eco House is truly one of a kind. Barely distinguishable from it's environment on google earth, this home is a testament to low impact development. Making extremely good use of it's space, the Mini-Eco feels much larger than it actually is. Massive bay view window's let in the sun's rays, while simultaneously transporting the interior to the spectacular exterior views! This Green Home must been seen to be believed


Living Roof / Green Roof

The Mini-Eco house makes use of a Living Roof. This means that the roof is covered with living vegetation as well as a growing medium. These Roofs are covered with a waterproofing membrane as to avoid seepage of water into the house proper. They provide a natural insulation barrier, absorption of stormwater and saving on heating costs, all while looking amazing aesthetically pleasing.


Passive Solar windows

With direct southern facing exposure, the Mini-Eco House get's to take advantage of the Sun's energy year round! These floor to ceiling windows capture enough heat that the homeowner has never once needed to use her wood backup oven, even in the middle of winter.


High Efficiency Appliances  

All of the appliances in the Mini-Eco House use very little energy to operate. Making the home nearly self sufficient. It's Energy bills are very, very low. From the Insulated Oven, to the low wattage bulbs this home sacrifices nothing to maintain it's small ecological footprint.