Avalon Business Park

Supporting a green economy


Avalon business park set out to make an easily replicated, super efficient, multipurpose commercial building. It conserves both energy and water and is sited for both rainwater collection and a very large solar panel array. Once completed this building will produce 98% of it's required energy. 


LED lighting

Ultra low wattage LED lighting is used throughout the entire complex, keeping the lighting bill low and the visibility very high. 


On demand hot water

Each of the 3 bathrooms located at Avalon business park are outfitted with an extremely efficient on demand hot water heater. These heaters stay off until hot water is required, then power up and heat water as it comes through the device. Then powers off again once no longer required.  


2 stage insulation 

There are 2 key componants to keeping a heating bill low. Insulation and Air sealing. Avalon makes use of both, but more impressively it makes use of a double layer of insulation to drastically reduce heat escaping through the walls. When you have a interior space which as much volume as a warehouse, this becomes a critical point to keep energy use down. 


Low flow ADA Bathroom

Avalon business park is located on it's own level 2 water system, however this doesn't mean it needs to waste any water. Each bathroom is American's with disabilities act compliant as well as has low flow sinks, toilets and urinals. combined with the level 2 water system, the Avalon business park is extremely sustainable!


Electric vehicle charging station

Having a free to use public charger not only helps lower Co2 and general air pollution, it also serves as a marketing tool that will help bring people to the business park's stores. Plug in your EV and let it charge while you check out all the different stores. Depending on how popular this charger becomes, there are plans to add more EV specific parking and charging systems!