Bakerview Wind & Solar Home

A Sustainable Domestic Dynamo


The Bakerview wind & solar home doubles as a local community power plant, producing more than twice of the amount of energy that it consumes. With the help of 2 massive Photo-voltaic arrays and dizzying 400ft tall personal wind turbine, this house stands as a prime example of energy sustainability



10kW Personal Wind Turbine

The Bakerview home was sited specifically for wind. this 400ft tall sentinel stands in a large open field, constantly looking for wind to convert into energy. Believe it or not, this turbine is actually on the smaller side of wind catchers. 


Photo-voltaic & solar evacuated tube arrays


Not only does the Bakerview home get all of it's electrical energy from the sun via it's 4 massive solar arrays, it also heats all of it's water from the sun too! With 10 Solar evacuated tube panels located on the roof. This roof does more before 10am than most roofs do all day!



Mechanical Room

There is enough electrical equipment in the Bakerview home's mechanical room to make Nikola Tesla jealous. Generating so much power requires A LOT of inverters, switches, cirucits and a method to control and monitor it all in real time! Another cool feature found in the mechanical room is the A12 switch which can switch the home on and off of the grid. During a power outage the Bakerview House can essentially flip a switch and make use of it's power generation much like a generator. However this feature is rarely used and the home is grid tied to and banking any extra energy it generates with OPALCO


Low Tech Energy Conservation


Instead of running a dyer during the summer months for your clothing, why not just use a clothes line? Letting the sun dry your clothing passively uses zero energy, doesn't shrink your clothing and costs you nothing but a little extra time.