Odd Fellows Hall - Orcas Island

The Past Meets the Future

The Odd Fellows hall on Orcas Island has gone through a retrofit in order to make it's existing building more energy efficient, easier to heat or cool, more controllable temperatures as well as offering a public Electric Vehicle Charging station! 


E/V Charging Station

The Odd Fellows Hall has installed an Electric Vehicle Charging Station right below their main entry door! This Charger was designed to allow anyone with an electric car to "top off" their battery while attending events or activities at the hall! All electric vehicles are ZERO emissions and use NO gasoline. Helping us get around town all while helping lower the carbon footprint of it's driver! For more info on EV's check out www.takechargesanjuans.org/media/ 


Blown in Cellulose Insulation 

Dry cellulose is used in retrofitting old homes and buildings by blowing the cellulose into holes drilled into the tops of the walls. It can also be blown into a new wall construction by using temporary retainers or netting that is clamped in place then removed once the cellulose has reached the appropriate density. This form of application does settle as much as 20% but the stated R-value of the cellulose is accurate after settling occurs. In addition, a dense-pack option can be used to reduce settling and further minimize air gaps. Dense-pack places pressure on the cavity, and should be done by an experienced installer. The Orcas Odd Fellows Hall has placed Dry Cellulose in entire entire attic area, keeping heat inside the building and thus lowering energy costs.


Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is an electronic, programmable, and self-learning Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that optimizes heating and cooling of homes and businesses to conserve energy.  It is based on a machine learning algorithm: for the first weeks users have to regulate the thermostat in order to provide the reference data set. Nest can then learn people's schedule, at which temperature they are used to and when. Using built-in sensors and phones' locations it can shift into energy saving mode when it realizes nobody is at home thus saving energy by not heating with an empty building and only powering on to bring heats levels based on occupancy.


360 "Virtual" Tour Video

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About the Odd Fellows Hall

The Hall, located on beautiful Madrona Point in Eastsound, has been a natural community gathering place since it was built in 1891. The Hall is host to a variety of classes, dances, wedding receptions, art fairs, fundraisers, birthday parties and community events. To learn more about what is happening at the Hall and the Kitchen, please click here.