Bentley-Prestwich House - Orcas Island

Solar Powered Views

The Bentley-Prestwich Home was created with Resource COnservation in mind from day 1. Boasting beautiful views, rainwater collection, solar panels and sustainable hardwoods, the Bentley-Prestwich home is a one of a kind Island Staple! 


Rain Water Collection

Rainwater collection is almost a necessity when living on the islands. All the water that falls on the roof of the Bentley-Prestwich house is channeled down into water collection cisterns and held in use with their radiant hot water heating system. Any excess water is used as a gray water watering system for the properties landscaping.  An awesome way to make better use of the natural resource we here in Western Washington are all too familiar with. It's also a great way to cut down on your water bill during the dryer seasons. 


Photo-Voltaic Panels (Solar Panels)

The Staple of most Green Homes is the Solar Panel. These collects harness the power of the sun and convert it into sable energy. This panels in particular are used to gather energy to be used in the Radiant in Floor heating system used by the home. See more information below.


In Floor Radiant Heating

The Bentley-Prestwich House makes use rainwater catchment water, then is heated by augmented solar panel power. Contrary to popular belief, Radiant in floor systems are not warm to the touch. They slowly fill a room with warmth, literally from the ground up. Keeping rooms a comfortable temperature all day long. to the left you can see all the mechanical features that help the Sun Heated coolant funnel down into a water tank. From there the hot water is dispersed throughout the home. Any excess hot water (which is collected any time the sun is shining) is re routed into the ABOVE in floor radiant tubing. A medium in poured over the tubes once in place and hides the radiant tubing system from sight, however it doesn't hide the heat that builds up and out of the floor! 


360 "Virtual" Tour Video

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