Smuggler's Cove Retrofit

Invisible eco-architecture 


The Smuggler's cove retrofit is all about "making up the difference." Which is really where a vast majority of our energy is consumed. Heaters and coolers work best when working within a certain parameter, so getting the baseline home temperature is key to saving every. This house does exactly that! Sealing air gaps, adding insulation and conditioning the roofs and crawls goes a long way to keeping that difference as low as possible...which means you end up using much less energy!


Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is an electronic, programmable, and self-learning Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that optimizes heating and cooling of homes and businesses to conserve energy.  It is based on a machine learning algorithm: for the first weeks users have to regulate the thermostat in order to provide the reference data set. Nest can then learn people's schedule, at which temperature they are used to and when. Using built-in sensors and phones' locations it can shift into energy saving mode when it realizes nobody is at home thus saving energy by not heating with an empty building and only powering on to bring heats levels based on occupancy.


Hot water kill switch

Hot water heaters are always running, keeping the water they store at an exact temperature. The more water you use, the more the hot water heater has to work. Even if you use no water at all, the temperature is likely to drop over time and the heater will have to turn on to make up the difference. Why not just turn it completely off when not in use?


Conditioned crawl space

Conditioning a crawl space is one of the best ways to really secure your building envelope as well as serves a great place to put mechanical equipment. Keeping the crawl space conditioned will really help "make up the difference" between the temperature outside, vs. a comfortable temperature inside. 


Dual zone heat pump

The Smugglers cove retrofit makes use of a dual zone ductless heat pump system. With this system, the 2nd head unit remains off when not in use while the main head unit continues to heat and cool the major use areas of the home.


About the Builder

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Doug Poole - Principle Sage Building Solutions

Sage Building Solutions was launched in March, 2010 with the intention of utilizing the green building and building science knowledge of founder Doug Poole’s past experience.  Sage has built strong relationships with OPALCO and the local energy community with its commitment to bringing the energy load of our community down. To learn more about Sage Building Solutions Click Here